Operating Conditions:

Shaft diameter: ¢20 to ¢220mm

Temerature: -20 to 200℃

Pressure: ≦0-2.4MPa


Solid Content: ≦25%

Cooling Water Pressure: ≦0.1 MPa

Medium: Acid, alkali containing a small amount of solid particles of low viscosity fluids.

Appliations: Suitable conditions containing a small amount of solid particles of low viscosity, mainly used for aluminum plant, coal washing plant,waste water treatment lines.

Additional information

Rotating Ring

Carbon, SIC, TC

Stationary Ring

Carbon, SIC, TC

Auxiliary Seal

PTFE, PTFE Encapsulated Viton, Viton

Spring & Other Parts

Hastelloy-C, SS 304, SS 316, Titanium

Product Details

Design Features:

1,Single -ended and multi-spring/external spring/balanced/all directions rotation/static
2, External spring so that the spring is not in contact with the media, effective protection
3, Compensation ring, spring does not rotate can carry larger loads, cavitation and evacuation
4, Spring working range, can withstand greater axial movement
5, Easy to install, without removing the seal cavity installation both mechanical seal

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